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Christian Links

  1. Get to know GOD, your Creator
  2. Father’s Love-letter to you and me
  3. Islam: Religion of Peace or War? Small booklet full of facts.
  4. How to Respond To Muslims
  5. ISIL or ISIS is doing what the Quran is saying
  6. Miracles
  7. Blue Letter Bible:  Bible Study tools, Search, Commentaries, Audio/Videos,  Images, Maps, Devotionals, Help/FAQs,  Know God, etc.
  8. Bible Gateway:  Passage Lookup, Keyword Search, Topical Index,  Bible Versions, Reading Plans, etc.
  9. The Life of Jesus Christ: Play the 2 hour video in 1000 languages, order a free gift, Questions and Comments and additional resources.
  10. Muslim Converts
  11. Muslim Converts’ Testimonies videos.
  12. A Rational Study of Islam by Dr. Bill Warner – Learn hidden secret of Islam
  13. Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner
  14. Political Islam

Miracles & Healing

Miracles done by Jesus Christ through ordinary Christians.  Jesus comands us to heal.     MIRACLE STORY of ESPN’S Victoria Arlen at Lakewood Church Delivered from Digestive Disorder A Christmas Eve Miracle Restores A Crippled Life Woman Receives Miraculous Healing of MS!! Woman is Miraculously Healed After Being in a Wheelchair for 22 Years!! Woman …

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muslim, islam, God, Christian, science, proof