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Our Purpose & Mission

The main purpose of this website and document is to facilitate Muslims to study the Qur’an and Christians to study the New Testament.  Additionally, they may learn about each other’s holy books and help them to live together in peace and harmony.
  1. You may browse through this document by selecting sections from the bookmarks and clicking on the topics on this page and the table of contents.
  2. The Qur’an refers to “holy books” at least 15 times. “Injeel”, also known as The Gospel and The New Testament is considered to be one of the holy books.  The following are the first five references: a. Background b. Holy Books c. AL-BAQARAH – THE COW 2:89 d. AL-BAQARAH – THE COW 2:113 e. AL-MA’IDAH – THE TABLE 5:15
  3. You may also search this document using Acrobat Reader on any word and jump directly to the word in the text to study the Holy Books.
muslim, islam, God, Christian, science, proof